I am strong, I am invincible

I got hung up on the “Blog Like Crazy” challenge when I hit the prompt “Why Do You Love Being a Woman?” Javacia Harris Bowser, founder of See Jane Write and creator of this challenge, wrote, “That’s a simple question, but one that most likely has a complicated answer. So let’s write a blog post about it. Special thanks to Evette Dionne for this idea. Check out her post on a similar question: http://evettedionne.com/2012/11/15/appreciatewomanhood.”

A few weeks ago, my buddy Alex and I left the office for one of our regular trips to my favorite coffee shop when the differences between men and women came up in conversation. I don’t remember what prompted that, but Alex and I quickly agreed that men and women are different, are naturally inclined to be strong in different areas than one another (although there are certainly exceptions) and we think that’s OK.

In the year-plus that I’ve regularly practiced yoga, I’ve been amazed to discover my own strength. Men tend to be better built for physical strength, but I’ve built up my capacity through an awful lot of chatarungas, down dogs and crows. As I’ve done so, I’ve been reminded of my emotional and mental strength.

At the same time, I embrace many “traditional female roles.” I happen to enjoy cooking very much. My boyfriend rarely cooks. I love bringing food over to his house because I enjoy preparing it, and I enjoy sharing it. Though there was a time when I was cautioned against that, I’ve embraced being who I am, and cooking for others is part of that.

I love that being a woman doesn’t mean one specific thing or another. I love that I was born into a country where women have the right to vote. I love that I’m in a country where women have the same rights as men. I love that women are each unique. I love that I have the freedom to be me.


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  1. Funny how sometimes we don’t recognize our own strength. I love that you are free to be yourself. I concur!!

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