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If you’re not, stay away from Birmingham, Ala. I’ve said for years that I can make anyone a fan of this city, and during my years at Birmingham magazine, I had many opportunities to share the wonderful things about the city. As the city’s restaurant scene gears up for the third-annual Birmingham Restaurant Week (which this year is part of Alabama Restaurant Week), I’ve got ample opportunity to remind folks why I love my city.

Although BRW2012 won’t kick off until a party on Aug. 15, and the restaurant specials won’t begin till Aug. 17, I’ll have a chance this weekend to show my parents why Birmingham is the best. We moved to Florida in 1988, and I returned in 2003. As you can imagine, a lot has changed since they left. The city’s restaurant scene has even changed a lot in the course of BRW’s three years! So every time Mom and Dad are in town, I’m eager to show them my Birmingham.

They’re on my way to my house now, and then we’ll embark on an evening at Avondale Brewing Company (be sure to check out BRW’s beer Saturdays, which are new this year!). We’ll pair that delicious beverage with something tasty from the nearby Saw’s Soul Kitchen. And if I can keep them out long enough, who knows what else could be in store?

Events such as BRW have made my role as a self-appointed Birmingham ambassador even easier and more exciting than when I first returned to the city. I’ll be sharing my enthusiasm throughout BRW as one of the events bloggers. Be sure to check back for where I’ve eaten, whether the menu introduced me to a new dish or I ventured into a new restaurant, and keep tabs on the event’s website for more from my fellow bloggers (and friends!). It promises to be a tasty time.

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