Taking solace in the kitchen

It’s been a busy summer, and that’s meant a calendar full of travel and concerts. So much time on the go has resulted in a lot of eating on the run, whether picking up a meal in a drive through (it’s happened more than it should!) or dinner at a restaurant before rushing to the next event.

I love a good meal out, and I’m not afraid of a fridge full of leftovers. (I can eat the same meal for days without getting bored.) But a homemade meal means more to me than nutrition; cooking slows me down and encourages me to take care of myself.

So I’m striving to make kitchen time a priority, regardless of how full my calendar becomes. Earlier this month I found the perfect dish for that aim: Sunset magazine’s sage-rubbed pork tenderloin with sage butter. It’s perfect for an impromptu dinner gathering because the meat doesn’t require a lengthy marinade, and it’s also inexpensive. Preparation is simple, and perhaps best of all for an on-the-go lifestyle, it’s excellent left over.

That, plus the time to unwind in the kitchen, is a winning recipe to me.


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