Where do they all belong?

Since I brought her home two weeks ago, my bike Eleanor Rigby and I have stuck to riding the neighborhood streets. There’s a quick route up one street and down the other, totaling a mile per lap. I’ve quickly learned that everything in Birmingham really is a hill. My neighborhood run is convenient, but it’s almost entirely up hill one way and coasting down the other.

It’s a nice way to fit in a 20 minute ride after work. But even with the gratification of flying downhill, the monotony has already set in. So today I took Eleanor on her first trip out of the ‘hood.

I drove to a nearby park, unloaded E.R. and replaced her front tire, then took to the trail. And quickly turned back around because I realized I was coming up on a foot traffic only bridge; my only option was to bike on the street until it reconvened with the trail. From then on, I was immersed in the experience. Even riding with traffic on the way back didn’t bother me.

I didn’t ride any farther than I normally do. My route totalled about three miles. But I rode for almost twice as long as usual, and was pedaling nearly the whole time. I’ve been back at my apartment for several hours now, but I’m still daydreaming about that quick little trail. I can’t wait for a weekend when I can stay out longer and explore more trails.

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  1. i need to ride my bike more. i used to like riding at night with my friends, but since they’ve moved i haven’t done it much. i’ll work on that.

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