It’s a small world after all

We often joke that Birmingham is the biggest small town, and I’m constantly stumbling upon proof–even in other cities! Three cases in point:

1. Last May I was in Nashville to interview a local band, Wild Sweet Orange. They were touring nationally in support of their then- soon-to-be-released debut LP, but the tour wouldn’t carry them back to Birmingham until well after my deadline, so it was up to Nashville for me! As we chatted, I began the Birmingham six degrees game by asking what high schools they attended. Sure enough, two of the band members attended the same high school as my best guy friend from college–and the wife of one was his date to a high school dance. Small world.

2. My friend Elisa has gotten really into cycling over the past year, and has even launched a blog and a co-op specific to that interest. This weekend she and another Bike Skirt girl met a fellow bicycle blogger for coffee. That cyclist? Is my concert buddy and fellow editor from Nashville. Small world.

3. Not so long ago, a photographer friend spotted a facebook status in which I mentioned my best friend from high school, Scarlett Lillian. Amelia was so excited to realize that a photographer whose blog she followed was a long-time friend of mine. But take it a step further: Right now Scarlett is in Atlanta for a party. She texted me to say she’d met a photographer from Birmingham and immediately asked if he knew me. And of course, I adore Caleb Chancey.

It’s a small world, after all.


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6 Responses to It’s a small world after all

  1. editrish

    Ha! but is it a small world, or do you just know everyone worth knowing? 🙂 Hmm…

  2. LOL, I know, so small! 🙂 I swear you know everyone!

  3. I don’t know as many people as you do, but I still have to watch my back… Different worlds can collide here in Bham. I was reminded of this a few days ago. It’s a long story that I won’t go into–I’m just glad I wasn’t trying to hide anything from anyone. 🙂

  4. I am tagging you! Details on my blog. Don’t feel compelled to do it. I was bored.

  5. ameliastrauss

    Haha – love that it is so small a world, and even smaller in the south!

  6. you need to do a new post. 🙂

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