All we are saying is give peace a chance

I’ve been meaning to write a post about my newfound Beatles obsession for a while now. It’s been a year and a half since I bought my first album, and nearly a year since I fell in love. At the urging of several friends, I’ve become a total fan girl, have read and even started purchasing books about the band, and can talk about them for hours. There’s a lot to say.

But tonight my fandom was used against me (though you could argue that it was for the greater good).  First, a little something you ought to know about me: I am not a movie person. I own maybe seven movies on DVD, and another three or four on VHS. I’m not terribly concerned about improving my collection. Of the 150 items on my amazon wish list, 16 are DVDs. Of those, seven are the seven seasons of the Gilmore Girls, one is Saved By The Bell and four are music DVDs. Only four are actually movies (and of those, two are movies about music and one is a musical!). 

So it was easy for me to add “Never see any of the Star Wars films” to my goals in life. I’m not especially interested in science fiction and I’m not especially interested in movies. My friend Susan recoiled in horror when I mentioned that I’d never seen any of the movies, and so that particular goal was born.

It was a short-lived aim. Somehow that fun fact came up again tonight, at trivia with the boys (and now the girls–I believe we were a balanced team this week! But that’s a totally different conversation). And so I again shared that goal. My friend Adam wasn’t just horrified–he issued an ultimatum. “This means I can’t hang out with you anymore,” he said.

I laughed, hard, because that was such a perfect reaction and because it was such an Adam reaction. But he wasn’t kidding. (I knew that without asking, actually.)

The people clustered at our end of the table began listing reasons why I should rescind this goal. The Star Wars films totally changed filmmaking (or something like that), they said. I only need to see three of the six, they offered. There are so many references in common culture! (OK, I threw that one in–Susan offered it several weeks ago.) None of that swayed me. 

And then the Beatles saved my and Adam’s friendship.

“Imagine if you had never given the Beatles a chance,” Laura said. “Think of how much they’ve enriched your life”–even in a short time, and with my collection still incomplete. That, she said, is how my life is without the Star Wars movies. It’s that important, she believes.

After contemplating this, I found the paper where I began penning my life goals and demanded Adam’s attention. As I drew bold slashes through “Never watch Star Wars,” Adam proclaimed that we could continue to hang out, after all. Mark that down as one more way the Beatles have enriched my life.

This post is dedicated to John Taylor, who needs to give the Beatles a chance.


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5 Responses to All we are saying is give peace a chance

  1. there are people who like Star Wars, and then there are people without souls. 😉

    people talk about the Field of Dreams test, but that’s assuming the girl has already seen SW. if there hasn’t been a viewing of SW, that has to be remedied before FoD.

  2. megan

    I, like you, have never seen Star Wars. I also like this fun fact (though I’ve never gone out of my way not to see it, nor have I decided I never will… I just haven’t seen it), and when I revealed it to my friend John who is a Star Wars mega-geek-fan and proud of it, he appallingly responded, “You haven’t seen Star Wars?? Any of them?? That’s like making out during Schindler’s List… it’s just WRONG.”

    Reactions like that are almost reason enough to never see the movie. 🙂

  3. I saw one once. It’s a lot of fun to talk like Yoda. That’s pretty much all I remember.. It didn’t rattle or shake my world.

  4. Missy Marie

    I love you and I love Cheryl! That might be the best line ever!

    Yes, btw the only reason to watch them is YODA! No other reason. Really…

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