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These are my (basic) rules for dating.

If a guy asks you out, and you have no real reason to say no, then you go.

If you have a nice time when you hang out, and he wants to get together again, then you say yes.

If, after two dates, you’re really not into him, then you tell him so. I don’t care if you enjoy him as a friend or if you just don’t want to spend more time with him – this is important. I am all for going out with a guy a couple of times and seeing if the spark is there. But if it’s not, more than two dates seems like leading him on.

(“Don’t ask me to come around, then wait and see if there’s a spark.”)

Supplemental rules:

You don’t tell him that you’re not going out again via the Internet.

You don’t tell him that you’re not going out again on his birthday.

You call a friend for a pep talk before you DO make that call. (Or at least, I do. I am bad at delivering rejection.)

You call or text a couple friends after as a pat on the back for a job well done.

And then … it’s back to the dating game. Who’s next?

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