This is the sort of thing that keeps me up at night.

[01:46] DixieMedley: my poor son is going to be pressured into being a football player.
[01:46] DixieMedley: you know that?
[01:46] DixieMedley: I am goign to live vicariously
[01:47] Wes: My momma was big into football, but she was really protective of me. That’s why I do my damage with a pen and not with pads.
[01:47] DixieMedley: nah, my son’s gonna tear both acls by the time he’s 22
[01:48] Wes: So did Brodie (the acl’s)…
[01:48] DixieMedley: I know.
[01:48] DixieMedley: I’m gonna have a qb.
[01:48] DixieMedley: figure I’m not big enough to birth anything besides a qb or a kicker.
[01:48] DixieMedley: I”m gonna aim for the qb but I’ll take a kicker.
[01:48] DixieMedley: my gosh, I’m crazy aren’t I?


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  1. It’s funny, I live and breathe football, but I find myself not wanting my son to play it (granted he’s only 6 months old.) I’m sure it has to do with the massive back injury I got while playing (I’m fine now though.) I was afraid I was paralyzed. It took about 15-20 minutes before I could move. The game had to be stopped and I just lay on the field being examined and not really feeling it. The coaches were out there, the trainers, paramedics, my parents, etc. Absolutely one of the most frightening experiences of my life.

  2. Crazy indeed.

    If my offspring should happen to be male and play football he’d better be really damn good. If not, I’m not signing the waiver.

    Instead he will be the best cyclist or snowboarder ever to walk the earth. And he will pay for my retirement in France.

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