It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine

When I walked in to work this morning, my managing editor (aka one of the “big bosses,” for those of you not in the industry) told me I did a great job on today’s local news section front. 🙂 He said not only did it look great, but I also wrote great headlines. He even said “I know you don’t want to be a copy editor long term, but you really need to save this one for your portfolio.”


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8 Responses to It’s fine, it’s fine, it’s fine

  1. alisa

    About stinken time they realize you are AWESOME!

  2. Bravo! They should be giving you praise like this every day!


  3. Mmmmmm … recognition needs. Abraham Maslow would be pleased.

  4. Awesome at things? You are SO me 🙂

    But really, good job. It rocks it hard when people finally open their mouths to tell you something good.

    So did you pull the stories? Edit everything on the front? Design?

  5. Carla Jean

    haha. High five for being the same. 🙂

    All the stories were local, but I edited, wrote headlines and designed.

  6. That’s awesome! Always great to get compliments that aren’t just genuine, but are big. Congrats!

  7. My wife is a page designer. She used to work at the B’ham News.

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