We just beat the hell out of you!

Every summer, I tell myself that this will be the year that I chill out about football. Every year, I convince myself that it’s just a game and that I can watch it, enjoy the brilliant displays of athleticism and move on after the clock hits zero.

Then the season opener rolls around, and I realize every year that I’m full of crap.

Even though this year’s opener was against MTSU and I only listened on radio, the mood was set. I nearly had a fit as I listened to Rammer Jammer in the fourth quarter, and then annoyed all the girls in the office as I jumped up and down in front of the TV during Georgia Tech’s big win over Auburn. (Yeah, I had to work. Can you believe?)

With each week the season improves. First Florida State beat Miami (finally), then everyone made it to October undefeated. (By everyone, I mean “everyone who mattered.”)

Wake me up when September ends, I said.

But today Bama convinced me I was trapped in a dream. There were a few small glitches, sure (well, and Prothro’s broken leg). But we scored on our first possession (on our first PLAY of our first possession) and things just kept clicking.

Kevin (was that his name?) pinched me sometime in the second quarter. This is all real.

I didn’t believe it until the clock showed nine minutes left in the fourth quarter (yes, right before Prothro’s injury). I looked at the scoreboard and confirmed that we were still up, 31-3. (That was the score at that point, right? I need to buy the DVD.) I looked at the field and confirmed that it was our possession.

“We’re gonna win,” I thought. “We’re gonna win. AND I AM HERE.”

I know he was just my favorite a few days ago, but Philip wins twice in one week. Not only did he get me into that game, but he was sweet enough to stay long enough that I could scream Rammer Jammer at the top of my lungs … and he sang along, too, because it’s the best cheer and because he has good sense. (And well, because he loves to see the Gators lose.)

I might like Brodie a little bit better than him today … but only a little bit.

Oh, and did I mention that parts of the student section did the TOMAHAWK CHOP as the fourth quarter ran out? Get it, Seminoles!






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  1. Mmm. I love me some undefeated Tide.

  2. I was elated over the fact that Alabama is the team that got to take Florida & Urban Meyer down a notch or two!

    I live in Florida and have worn Alabama gear everyday since the victory. 🙂

  3. josh


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