Things I learned in North Carolina:

1. 600 thread count sheets make my 200 count sheets feel like cardboard. As soon as I have some cash to blow, I’m upgrading.

2. A dog that weighs 10 pounds more than me could probably beat me up, but it’s still nice when she offers her paw first thing in the morning.

3. I spend too much money on coffee. (No… no… I already knew that.)

4. There IS such a thing as a good mocha.

5. Purple goes nicely in a vineyard themed kitchen. 😉

6. It’s been far too long since I’ve seen snow. When I left Winston-Salem yesterday morning, my car was covered in a thin sheet of ice. I therefore thought it peculiar when I spotted cars caked in five inches of the stuff on the interstate, but didn’t wonder about it too much. It wasn’t until today, when people mentioned that NC saw some snow this weekend and inquired if I had experienced any, that I realized it wasn’t ice caked so high on the roof of that car. It was five inches of snow.


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6 Responses to Things I learned in North Carolina:

  1. Yeah, I never messed with thread counts until I got my queen-sized bed. Good gravy!

  2. I have high thread count sheets…it is an absolute delight.

  3. mb

    What’s a thread count? 🙂

    Matt(a guy, obviously)

  4. Luke

    (6) – did you dye your hair back to blonde?

  5. 7. Never take Emma on a trip with you if there will be another cat present. She will be forever scarred by the way you fawn over it. 😉

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