In the jungle, the mighty jungle….

I’m sitting in Starbucks (surprise!) and the CD playing is so atrocious I can’t concentrate. So much for reading with a latte in an oversize chair.

Look at your calendar. Last I checked, November 17 is too early for Christmas music. (I know this topic is addressed so often it’s become trite. Give me a moment.)

It’s worse still when those untimely tunes are crooned loudly and off key! I know the Christmas décor and products are intended to boost sales. (And I’m highly susceptible to these ploys. Whenever new merchandise fills the shelves, I rush to examine the brightly colored goods. I’m ready to drop $20 on a set of mugs from the last merchandize blitz.)

However, when the music is this painful, I’m surprised customers aren’t running out of the store! The girls studying near me muttered to each other, “This is horrible.” The song they complained about was followed by another that should have been retired years ago. There’s no place for “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” in a coffee shop—ever.


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  1. mb

    For the “Lion Sleeps Tonight,” if it’s the version from “Do It A Cappella,” then yes, it’s acceptable because that’s the best version ever. Being Starbucks, I doubt it was. 🙂

  2. alisa

    Dearest Carla, if you hate it, we can skip songs till we find you a song that better suits your Christmas music tastes. But we can not change cds. Those comments need to be filled out on the comment card on the condiment bar and sent to the main office. Dont not get angry with barsitas PUHLEASE. 🙂

  3. alisa

    Just to clear the air, I didnt say you yelled at anyone. But as a barista who has been yelled at for the Christmas music, I HIGHLY suggest emailing or whatever the main office. We the little people can do nothing.

  4. alisa

    *ahem* one last time. I just see the efforts of this blog for Christmas music before Thanksgiving not to happen would be better suited to the main office. That is all. Enjoy your rant.

  5. fadel

    Would you please help me to find free download of “the mighty jungle” song

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