Oh (West) Virginia…

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(If the image isn’t showing up – sorry. I don’t know what the deal is. But you should know that I have been in five of those states today – VA, WV, TN, GA and AL. What a day!)

And indeed, there I am.


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7 Responses to Oh (West) Virginia…

  1. As someone who cares about these things in my own pictures… your skin looks FANTASTIC in that picture 😀

  2. The visited countries map on my site hasn’t been working lately. I think the site is messed up.

    My brother and I did the same thing a couple of times when we were driving across the country. I distinctly remember driving like 30 miles to the Michigan state line very late at night, so that we could add that state to our list. If I’ve counted correctly, I think I only have 14 states left to go. But most of those have been added after my 25th birthday. At that point, I think I had about 4. I’m going for 30 countries by 30.

  3. Hey!! Got a place for you to stay!! Call me!!!! You can crash here with us. Just COME TO THE SHOW!!!!

  4. Kari

    What I don’t understand is . . . you’ve never been in South Carolina, but you’ve been all around it. How did that happen?

  5. I was gonna comment on your lack of South Carolina visit-age, but Kari got there first. Haha, saved you from a Megan-typical comment… what the crap? :o) Miss ya!

  6. Oooh, you can hit up Rhode Island, if not more New England states, if you come to our Winter Conference in February! Come visit!!!

  7. Luke

    I see there’s a distinct lack of northern states in your map – something which will soon be remedied I hope. I’ve got you beat for the moment – I’m at 28 states.

    my map

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