Vocal Inflections

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  1. I get the same thing from people I know. Everyone says talk in such a low voice that it’s difficult to make out what I say, but to me, I sound fine. I think that vocal sounds impress peole in a way that may not necessarily be true, for example, someone might infer that one with a higher pitched voice is extremely energetic and a abnormally socialable person, which may or may not be true.

    That being said, I think your voice is FINE. It’s cute and almost squeeky, yet a wee bit twangy.

  2. Wow, that was funny to listen to. I don’t really know you and that was the first time I ever heard your voice. It was high, especially when I compare it my own voice, but not like one of those real annoying high pitches. Y’know? Anyway, I was just trying to keep myself busy here at work by surfing around on different sites. Check ya later!

  3. Your voice did surprise me at first, but only ’cause I thought you’d be more southern 🙂 I still need to meet you in person to integrate it with your face though (despite my favorite video…lol…)

  4. 🙂 This is definitely something that I have thought about a lot. I hate listening to myself on answering machines. I came to the conclusion a couple of years ago that I have that annoyingly high pitched, sicky-sweet voice that I make fun of in others.
    My boss at work is from El Salvador and he has a strong accent, but doesn’t really realize it. But the other day he was listening to a recording of his voice, and he couldn’t believe he had such a strong accent, though it’s very noticeable to me.
    You didn’t sound like what I expected you to sound like, but I don’t know what I expected. But I find that with many people I get to know online.

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