Keeping time

I’ve got a little habit that I’ve only recently realized is strange.

I celebrate the anniversaries of all sorts of things – mentally, at the very least. Let me give you a few examples.

26 April 2004 – 2 year anniversary of college graduation
24 May 2004 – 23rd birthday of the guy I liked for three years in my early teens
4 June 2004 – 12 year anniversary of that time we went to Disney World in sixth grade
1 July 2004 – 7 year anniversary of getting my braces off
25 Oct 2004 – 2 years since one painful DTR, 3 years since another
2 Nov 2004 – 5 years of walking with the Lord
12 Nov 2004 – 9 years since I performed in a NFL halftime show

You get the idea. Some of these events are rather significant; I’ll probably tally the years since my college graduation and since I got real in my faith for decades to come. Although some of the events I remember are silly, the others have served as mile markers for me. I can look at some major points in my life and recognize how far I’ve come since.

I remember the freedom that I felt at Providence Canyon. That was the day that I decided I wasn’t going on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ (two years ago this month). I remember the tears I cried on the drive to Matt Schoolfield’s graduation party. I can’t forget driving through the streets of Trussville and bawling as “Somewhere North” filled my car.

And if I’m wise, neither will I forget the lessons that Jesus has taught me in the time since.

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  1. I do the same thing… all sorts of anniversaries, good and bad…

  2. I do that. In fact, this week was the anniversary of something really bad. It drives Mike crazy that I remember stuff so specifically.

  3. I do exactly the same thing, except I usually break things down into 6 month increments. And then I confuse myself trying to remember how many half years things have been. 🙂

  4. mb

    What’s the story behind you performing in a NFL halftime show?

  5. Ah, DTRs are the stuff of life aren’t they?

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