Hope springs eternal

Internship updates:

  • 7 down, 7 to go – I received a rejection by e-mail (a novel response!) yesterday. Sorry, Kathleen – The Patriot Ledger’s out!
  • But more importantly – I received a phone call today from the mecca of Southern magazine internships. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! Southern Progress wants to interview me! I’ve got an interview with Health magazine on the 15th. You can add that to your prayer lists. 🙂
  • But in the meantime, don’t stop here. Read the next entry! Don’t skip over it just because you see something newer. 🙂

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    1. Woo-hoo!!! So where would that put you for the summer??

    2. Kari

      OOOH! Exciting! Yay for Southern Progress!

    3. Hey congrats!

      (And actually, I read the next entry first. I’m weird like that.)

    4. Steven

      Hoping and praying!

    5. Susan, she’d stay with me. None of this leaving Alisa alone for the summer. Thats a no-no.

    6. Souther progress is an oxymoran.

      (Ohhhh Burn!!!)


    7. But a man who can’t spell is just a moron. 😉

    8. Boy, Adam had a real layup of a joke there, and he totally bricked it, didn’t he?

      Oh well.

      I will say that I’m interested in learning more about these emailed rejection letters. They may prove handy to me in the future as an emotionally stoic man.

    9. Peter, for your reference:

      March 4, 2004

      I hate writing this letter, but I’m sorry to say we’ve filled our summer internships with other applicants. As usual, we had many more qualified candidates than positions. I’m sure we have chosen excellent interns, and equally sure we are passing over some candidates who are just as good and quite possibly better. Under the circumstances, that’s inevitable.
      Among the many applicants we have decided not to hire over the years was a young graduate named Nina Totenberg. (She has mentioned that fact in a good-natured way in speeches to various journalism conventions.) Her career doesn’t seem to have suffered for it and I trust yours won’t either. I hope some day you’ll be telling a similar story.
      If you haven’t graduated yet, please consider applying again next year. If you will be in the area and are interested in stringing for us, please let me know.
      Go forth and make us rue the day we let you go.

      Not only was it my first e-mail rejection, but it was also the best rejection letter I’ve received. 🙂 At least he took some time with it!

    10. That IS a good letter. Well done, Patriot Ledger.

    11. Can I say “Ha, I told you so?” per our convo last night?


      Too late.

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