Back up sperm, what?!

Let’s maintain a sense of humor, Florida State.

Apparently, on Sunday night The Simpsons made a silly reference to my alma mater. The FSView & Florida Flambeau‘s coverage suggests that the university can’t seem to decide whether this reference was positive or negative PR for the school.

I think it’s hilarious.

It reminds me of my favorite Will & Grace quote of all time…

GRACE: Well, that’s because it is my sperm. But it’s my safety sperm. You know, like the safety school? You–you apply to college, and it’s the one school you know you’re gonna get into just in case everything else falls through.

WILL: You’re saying my sperm is Florida State?

I love my safety school. 😉

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  1. Rus

    There is no TELLING who is going to google their way to your blog after this entry! 😉

  2. I thought you didnt like Will and Grace?

  3. I don’t, but that line still cracks me up!

  4. I love that you’ve dropped a sperm-bomb on your blog, Carla Jean. It’s so bold.

    btw – in my first 24 months out of college, I was unemployed for 12 of them. I know how it can feel. The trick is to stay focused by pouring out your innermost fears and vulnerabilities onto a website so that a dude from Minneapolis can read them.

  5. Peter, you are hilarious.

    And I’ve been out of college for… 22 months now. Surely that counts?

    (Okay, so I’m in grad school and not looking for a job. Small, insignificant detail!)

    For what it’s worth, I applied for my last internship yesterday. In fact… that little bit of update might merit its own post.


    I love this quote… it shows that the whole country knows that FSU sucks… GO GATORS!!!

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