Nature, not nurture

Organization is a trait that I developed in rebellion to my family, not one that was inherited. As such, I wasn’t surprised when my 11 year old brother announced that he had lost the Starbucks card I sent him for his birthday. It’s family tradition!

Though his birthday was over two months ago, we were able to celebrate once again when he cleaned his room this evening. After my parents were satisfied with his efforts, I coaxed him into pulling on a pair of “long pants” and we climbed into the car. (I chose to overlook the fact that the gray fleece pants didn’t match his blue and orange plaid button down. He was clothed, at least.)

My father, youngest sister and I comprise the best musical taste in the family, I’m afraid. After Chad loudly protested the Dave Matthews Band selection that was trickling through my speakers, he proceeded to fill me in on all of the details of Pokemon that I’ve been missing. (Thank God for little brothers – what would I do without a detailed explanation of all of Pikachu’s opponents and compadres?)

I was offered a brief respite when my telephone jangled its cheerful funk tune. A cherished friend kept me company as I parked the car and followed my brother into the coffee shop. I attempted to update said friend on my past week’s events, but juggling that conversation, answering my brother’s questions and ordering my own drink proved difficult. The phone conversation came to an end after only twelve minutes with promise of more to follow. Chad and I settled into a table and opened our books before us. (This is a family trait I’ve gathered – we have bad habits of carrying reading material most everywhere!)

I didn’t get far in my book, but I did learn more than I could care to know about the Pokemon game guide Chad was reading. When he was ready to leave, we carried our books and drinks back to my car. At his insistence, I turned off the radio so we could sing Christmas carols. The four children of our family have been cursed with less than spectacular voices, but we belted out “Jingle Bells” acapella, just the same.

All that to say that after a whirlwind semester, my life is slowing down. The past four months have been filled with emotions and homework, with new friends and continued relationships. I’m always “growing up,” continually changing. Though I’m finally on break, I expect that to continue. 🙂 More tales to follow in the days that come…

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