When she says she wants somebody else, I hope you know she doesn’t mean you

Old patterns are hard to break. I’ve been challenged to revamp some of mine lately, and it’s been an interesting process.

Take my study habits as an example. Though not a genius, I’m a rather intelligent girl. I breezed through high school with a GPA worthy of scholarships and honor societies. I may have studied a total of five hours during my years there. College years found me at Florida State, where I quickly learned that many of my advanced placement high school classes were more challenging than my college coursework. I graduated in three years with little effort and plenty of play.

That attitude is no where to be found now. A weekend away from the books is a special treat and requires advance planning. Time management skills must be honed. I guess I’m preparing for the “real world.” 😉

Similarly, my interactions with others are under scrutiny. A friend called me on my mind games recently. I’m such a girl, and I know that I play games. (I admitted as much in that conversation.) Since then, I’ve been mindful of those games. My inclination is still to beat around the bush on a couple of issues. I’m adjusting my way of thinking – slightly! – to another. After all, it can be fun to joke around – I think sarcasm is really the sixth love language. 🙂

Let’s not forget the aforementioned football loyalty struggle. I won’t readdress it, but it does merit similiar attention.

All of this reminds me that life is constantly changing. I wonder if there comes a point when that statement will no longer ring true. After I’ve “settled down,” will life retain this element of insanity? Will I be bored if it does not? The answer awaits down the road, I suppose.

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