Restless heart, hear me calling

Dawn breaks early through my plantation blinds. I’ve been tossing for hours, drifting in and out of sleep. My mind has been racing, making lists of things I need to do and catalouging all that I’ve accomplished.

This light won’t help me return to sleep.

I’m drowsy as I lie here in this tangle of sheets, but rest will not come. I’ve surrendered instead to the urge to write. My eyes can barely see these words as I scribble them onto this notebook page.

Perhaps a mid-afternoon nap will be in order.

The lines that serve as guides on this page have long since escaped me. In this early morning light, only the first few words of each line are visible to me. Such is the angle at which my head lies.

I am so tired. Sleep, come.

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  1. Carla Jean – I can relate to your anxieties in this posting. Even though it’s an old posting I was drawn to comment since it (yours) was made on my birthday.
    Wishing you peace and happiness,
    Lewis Kennedy

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