And then you change…

My musical tastes are evolving.

Have you ever experienced this? Upon the recommendation of a friend, or perhaps a brief listen, you select a new CD for yourself. As time goes on, you find yourself listening to this CD more and more frequently. Dissatisfaction in the rest of your collection takes root. Radio becomes all but unbearable. Sometimes slowly, but altogether certainly, this single CD begins to revolutionize your taste in music.

For me, it was Nickel Creek’s self titled release. I clearly recall listening to a couple of tracks in my bedroom after my friend Amanda proudly displayed her new purchase. The next day, I had in my possession the very same disc. There was no looking back.

Caedmon’s Call finally entered my radar shortly thereafter, and within several months, John Mayer had registered on my good music detector. Solo releases of Creek members found their way into my CD collection, and another Nickel Creek album was released and purchased almost as soon as it hit shelves. Fast forward several months more, and my CD collection is expanding at a rate so rapid that it can hardly contain itself.

I’ve tried many times to express how powerful music is, but I simply cannot harness that image with words. To be sure, it makes me think, it challenges me to be true to myself, and it calls me to get out my pen and write. Music is a type of beauty in this world that is so powerful that I find it difficult to compare with much else. My words are futile.

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