Carla Jean Whitley believes perfection is a myth, and she finds freedom in that conviction. It’s a lesson she aims to share in every yoga pose.

That may be a surprising mission for a Type-A perfectionist, especially one whose day job as a writer and editor finds her regularly correcting her own and others’ mistakes. But yoga serves as a counterbalance, a reminder that a variety of internal and external factors affect who we are. A pose that feels rock solid one day may be unbearable the next—because your focus has shifted, because you didn’t fuel your body properly or because of something as simple as a change in the weather.

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With emphasis on the breath and remaining in the moment, Carla Jean’s classes will help you slow down, ease tension and allow anything you need to deal with to bubble to the surface. Powerful, core-focused poses become a physical manifestation of mental strength, as you breathe into difficult postures and endure discomfort because it will lead to a greater good.

Carla Jean has practiced yoga regularly since 2011 and in 2014 graduated from Sacred Glow Yoga’s 200-hour teacher training program. She is registered with Yoga Alliance, studies regularly with Sacred Glow’s Melissa Scott and Here Now Yoga’s Kim Drye, and has completed master classes with Sadie Nardini and Bryan Kest. 

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  1. Hello Carla Jean,

    My name is Brahm Olszynko, currently studying yoga in Thailand. I am a family massage therapist since 2000 and became a 500 hour certified Hatha Yoga Teacher in 2012.

    I created a bedtime story for my nephew Jaxon called How I Bring Each Part To Sleep. It is a wonderful insight into Shavasana the final relaxation, or posture of yoga. This bedtime story is a great body-scanning technique and is an amazing tool for children’s sleep development and future spiritual practices.

    Once I created this book for Jaxon, I knew it was for all of our children, and thus, boinc.ca began.

    How I Bring Each Part To Sleep is now available on Amazon.com (Yay!), so I am reaching out to every one that seems to resonate with positivity for children. This book could be categorized as spiritual development for ages 3 – 9+ or child’s sleep development.

    Would you please share my facebook page boinc.ca with those in your network that have children and are looking for positive tools to help 🙂

    Thank you and have a wonderful day.
    Brahm Olszynko

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