“When in doubt, wear red.” –Bill Blass

Enough black heels. One pair of brown is enough, especially when considered alongside a pair of brown cowboy boots. I don’t need any sneakers or winter shoes. It’s time for red high heels.

So went my thoughts in early October. I was on a shoe shopping kick, and a visit to Atlanta merited a shopping spree with my friend Adriene. When we entered the homeland (also known as DSW: Discount Shoe Warehouse), I walked straight for the clearance racks with one goal in mind:

I needed a pair of red heels.

Adriene accompanied me to the 6.5 section, and before I could properly take in the display before me she spotted a sassy pair of red shoes. She handed them to me and I fell in love. (I called Alisa that afternoon and told her to stop accusing me of commitment issues.) The red slingbacks with a fake wooden heel were not only my favorite brand, but they were ultra-cute.

The shopping trip would have been memory enough for a regular pair of shoes, but these sweet red shoes (or “lipstick for the feet,” as I’ve been known to call them) make each wear memorable.

In fact, they should probably be dubbed my new “Grand Ole Opry shoes.” When I visited the Opry with a group of four friends in December, all four of us ladies sported red shoes (three wore heels and the fourth sported red sneakers). We tried to convince our male companion to bust out a pair of red heels—in fact, we had an extra pair!—but he refused.

Hot mommas!

However, my Opry pal this weekend promises to be much more complaint. No, he’s not wearing red heels—I may be able to convince men to do crazy things, but that’s not one of them. 😉 But he planned his outfit around a pair of red sneakers (that he did not yet own!) after I mentioned plans to wear my red heels in honor of one of the musicians we’re going to see. (If Patty Griffin doesn’t warrant my lipstick shoes, who does?!) Once again, I’ll be planning my day’s attire around the shoes on my feet.

I wore them twice within a week of purchasing!
Red sling backs with wooden heel, Unisa, $35 (I don’t remember how much they were originally)


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3 Responses to “When in doubt, wear red.” –Bill Blass

  1. alisa

    I love the fact that every heel photo has with and without jeans. 😉

  2. I can’t believe that I actually have red heels and have even worn them. You did help inspire me. That and the dress that they went perfect with. 🙂

  3. lauren

    Red heels are hard to pull off… but you sure can do it!

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