What I’m writing: October 2014

These are stories I wrote that were published this month.

New from Old: Artist Darrell Ezekiel uses found objects to craft contemporary works of art

Photo courtesy of Sylvia Martin

Photo courtesy of Sylvia Martin

You may have seen Darrell Ezekiel’s work around town. Perhaps the quirky faces that once hung at Hawthorn Gallery and Nordys Gallery piqued your curiosity. Or you know Ezekiel from his time at Clay Scot Artworks, where he and his co-owner sold not only their own work, but also the work of others.

If you’ve been following Ezekiel’s career for a while, his caricature-like paintings and smaller gift works are familiar. And while the artist’s latest work may seem out of character, his use of bright color and repurposed objects remains. Even with those common threads, Ezekiel’s shadowbox quilt assemblages may surprise some. Read more “New from Old” at bhammag.com.

Wolf in White Van: A Gamer’s Need for Escape

Wolf in White VanWho is Sean Phillips? And how did he end up like this?

That’s the central conceit of John Darnielle’s Wolf in White Van, a compact but wide-ranging novel that follows Sean’s development from unpopular teenager to reclusive adult. Read more “Wolf in White Van” at bookpage.com.


10 Awesome Breweries in College Towns

druid city tuscaloosaFew things go together better than football and beer, and as temperatures drop, our cravings turn from refreshing pilsners to a variety of other craft brews. These 10 NCAA football programs pair perfectly with the following beers from each institution’s hometown. Bonus: Many of the beers are distributed regionally or nationally, allowing fans to imbibe with pride nationwide. Read more “10 Awesome Breweries in College Towns” at pastemagazine.com.

How to Craft Your Band’s Pitch for 5 Types of Media Outlets

pitchThe media has come calling, and you can’t wait to tell your band’s story over, and over, and over again. Who cares if you sound like a broken record – any press is good press, right? Wrong. It’s true, you could have much worse problems. But think of it this way: If you saw an article about your favorite band (or actor, or comedian, or whatever), picked it up and dove in only to find the same anecdotes you’ve read a dozen times, you’d be disappointed and might even toss aside the whole story. Look at each media opportunity as a way to attract new listeners and draw your existing fanbase even closer. Here’s how to tailor your band’s story to maximize your chances of getting picked up by five types of media outlets. Read more “How to Craft Your Band’s Pitch for 5 Types of Media Outlets” at sonicbids.com.

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