It’s the little things.

Flying used to be something of a luxury, I’ve heard, but these days it’s more of a cattle call. I’m not entirely bothered by that; I love that a purchase of a couple hundred dollars can transport me to my parents’ house without the road blindness and frequent potty stops that accompany the 500-mile drive. Even though my two 30-minute flights require a total of six hours’ airport time, I get to read along the way. But the actual process of schlepping luggage around the airport, relocating when your departure gate changes and squeezing into small spaces? It isn’t the best.

I also complain (increasingly, it seems) about the sometimes over-connectedness of social media. But today, I’m grateful for airports and twitter.

While killing time before this morning’s first flight, I posted that I was Florida bound. One of my former interns and dear friends, the incomparable Melody Kitchens, replied to ask if I happened to be flying through ATL on my way to TLH. She was one for two–and she arrived in Atlanta from New York before I left for JAX.

I can’t overstate how great it was to start my week over coffee with this sweet girl. Although we talk regularly (email, Facebook, Twitter, text), I didn’t expect to see her in person for months, at best. Instead, we got 45 minutes or so of catch-up and caffeination time.

Sometimes, the little things are the big things. Merry Christmas.


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