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Give me a to-do list and I’m all over it. I love few things like a mission, and so in the past several days I’ve already tackled several items on the “to-buy” list that resulted from my closet cleanse.

Friday night I set out for the outlet mall. This is always my first stop when I’m on a serious shopping mission; I’m a bargain shopper, after all, and stores such as Banana Republic and J. Crew can often fulfill my demands. That proved the case on this trip, as between the two stores I found four pairs of pants, two skinny belts, a shirt and a scarf for $150.

It’s important to me to find deals, even as I try to overhaul my wardrobe. I have a little bit of extra money set aside for this purpose, and I’m trying to maximize it. There are enough clothes in my closet to get me through the winter, so I can take my time filling in the holes.

But a Banana Republic friends-and-family sale motivated me to fill in some of those gaps immediately. All of my purchases at their outlet store were 40 percent off, as was the pair of jeans I ordered online today. (I tried a similar pair at the outlet, but the denim’s wash wasn’t quite right.) Meanwhile, J. Crew Factory offered an additional 40 percent off of clearance items, and I’m eligible for another 15 percent off because I’m a teacher. I also noticed that Anthropologie was running a sale for an additional 20 percent off all clearance dresses this weekend, so I pounced on a couple of those.

All of this shopping has been a bit exhausting. I loved hanging out at the mall when I was a teen, but these days, it isn’t my ideal way to spend time. But I feel good about the purchases I’ve made, and I continue to feel as though I’m taking care of myself in this process.


Today’s title comes from Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby,” but I suspect you already knew that.

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