Moving sale!

My roommate and I are about to move to a smaller house. And while we’re very excited about it, that also means it’s time to downsize! If you’re interested in any of these odds and ends, please email me at —removed because everything is gone!—. I’ll also have a variety of books and CDs, but I haven’t cataloged all of those yet. Everything must go by June 1.

Twin bed, mattress and box spring $125 (Sold)

Two Laura Ashley twin comforters, free (Donated)

Bike, $30 (Sold)

Natural pine coffee table, $20 (Sold)

Microwave, $15 (Sold)

Rugs, approximately 10×7 ($50) and 5×8 ($30) (Donated)

Pair of yellow chairs, free (claimed by JV)

Pair of end tables, free (claimed by JV)


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5 Responses to Moving sale!

  1. What size is the bike? Chris got me one for Christmas but I’m too short for it. Hard to get on and off.

    • Christina, I’m not sure about size. But I’m 5’4 (ish) and I keep the seat fairly high, so I suspect it would work for you. It’s not a fancy bike, and it probably needs some love (new tires). But it’s sturdy!

  2. lauren denton

    Hey! I’m interested in the mattress but not the actual bed. Would you sell it alone? Or with the box spring?

    • Hey Lauren! That MIGHT work out perfectly. I have another inquiry about the bed, and that person just wants the bed itself, if it can work with a long-length twin mattress. I have to check that out when I get home tonight. I’ll follow up with you.

  3. Is the bike still available? When’s a good time to check it out?

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