Finish up your coffee, love


There was a time when I appeared in nearly all of the press about my favorite coffee shop, Urban Standard. I’ve spent a lot of time there since its 2007 opening, and it serves as my second home, second office and second kitchen. It wasn’t surprising when I was pictured in the original IN guide, or when a friend and I were photographed for a story in a local paper.

But Urban has received a lot of press over the years, and I really do leave the shop for my office and house. As amusing as I found my press cameos, the run couldn’t last.

This weekend it resumed. CNN’s Headline News came to town recently to highlight three of my friend Deontee Gordon’s favorite spots in a “My City, My Secret” segment, and Urban was one of his recommended spots. And of course, I was there all morning the day of filming, meeting with freelance writers. I make a two-second appearance at about 0:54. It’s nothing much, but it IS something to write home about! With 500 miles between us, my parents don’t see me often. This weekend, national television bridged the gap. More importantly, it shows off the lesser-known side of this city.

Today’s subject line is from Jennifer Knapp’s “In Two.”


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  1. deongordon

    I couldn’t have followed up a better spokeswoman for this city and 2nd Avenue institution.

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