Hey look, I’m not weighed down

There are a lot of ways I know I’m busy. It’s the way I tend to live my life (although I haven’t quite figured out why–perhaps it’s the Type A thing). My birthday card from my grandparents was even titled “Ode to a Busy Person.”

And at present, the most glaring example of my busy-ness is the long list of unplayed podcasts in my iTunes. Silly, isn’t it? But I’ve barely listened to a one of them this month.

I queud up the most recent episode of The Splendid Table on the drive home Friday night, and was quickly reminded of how much I love that show and public radio in general. Here’s hoping I can slow it down for the rest of the summer–or at the very least, fit podcasts into my drive time.

American Public Media’s The Splendid Table (3)

B&N Meet the Writers Series (2)
Kathryn Stockett, author of The Help
Alice Hoffman, author of The Story Sisters

Book Lust with Nancy Pearl (1)
Featuring Susan Wiggs

New York Times Book Review (2)

Little, Brown and Company (1)
Luis Alberto Urrea, author of The Devil’s Highway

NPR All Songs Considered (4)
The Best Music of 2009 (so far)
Discoveries from the Pitchfork Music Festival
Monsters of Folk
Merge Records Turns 20

NPR Books Podcast (3)

NPR Live Concerts from the All Songs Considered Podcast (5)
Dave Douglas Brass Ecstasy Tiny Desk Concert
Bill Callahan Tiny Desk Concert
Sonic Youth
Maria Taylor Tiny Desk Concert
The Avett Brothers Tiny Desk Concert

NPR This I Believe (2)
Returning to What’s Natural
The Questions We Must Ask

NPR Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me (3)

Paste Culture Club (2)
Including the Harry Potter podcast!

Some New Trend (2)

This I Believe (3)
Colleen Shaddox
Jackie Robinson
Kay Redfield Jamison

(The other thing this proves? I’m a big book and NPR nerd.)

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  1. Sonic Youth? that’s surprising.

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