Let’s go ride a bike

Sometimes I joke that life would be easier if I weren’t passionate about so many things. And I’m not going to say I’m passionate about cycling (it’s been a day!), but that borderline obsessive personality comes out whenever I get interested in something.

On the evening of my first day as a bike owner, I parked it in front of my computer and googled Nishiki and Nishiki Pueblo. It seems that people have a strong allegiance to their Nishikis, mourning the fact that they sold them, even well after they’ve moved on to fancier bicycles.

I’d say I did OK. (Thanks, again, Elisa!)

But I also panic any time I drop a bit of money on something. My bike was crazy inexpensive, and the helmet wasn’t much more. Still, before bed last night I was worrying about whether I’d made a wise decision, whether I would ride my bike enough to justify the purchase, whether I’m going to get into a terrible biking accident tomorrow.

This morning I woke up and pouted because it was raining. I wanted to ride my bike today! In other words, the panic had passed.

I only got to ride for five or 10 minutes today, in the alley behind Elisa’s apartment when I went over to pick up Eleanor. I thought about riding from her place to church (less than a mile), but it was supposed to resume raining around the time the service ended. It didn’t happen, so I drove for no reason.

Still, I’m excited. I have a bike in my car (need to change that!), and I’m contemplating where to ride after work tomorrow. I also realized that if I ride semi-consistently for two months, I’ll have gotten my money’s worth. (I spent the equivalent of two months at a gym on my bike and helmet.) And already, another friend has asked Elisa to keep an eye out for a bike for her. Add another one to the list, Bike Mom!

ETA: Introducing Eleanor Rigby

Eleanor Rigby


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  1. Luke

    If you got a bike for less than the cost of a helmet, I’d definitely say you did well. And it’s pretty neat that you can ride to a lot of useful places near you.

  2. You’ve inspired me to fetch “my bike” from Mom and Dad’s and start riding around! :o)

  3. How did I miss this? Yay for you and Eleanor; you’re going to have to bring her with you next time you’re up here. Love the title of the post of course. 😉

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