For your days and excitement

Candace Bushnell would have been very unhappy with me Saturday night.

Instead of spending money and fighting crowds to get dinner, beer and football at a sports bar, I invited the boys to my house. Sure, we were limited in our game selection, but the food and drinks were free.

And so I put myself to work in the kitchen, chopping, sauteeing and ensuring every burner was occupied. I kind of felt like the little woman, keeping the boys fed and beered while they watched the game. I was in my element: football, cooking and later, Clue. I was so engaged in what I was doing, in fact, that I barely paid attention to the score–and I love football. I still couldn’t tell you the final on the Florida-Miami game without first looking it up (though I of course know who won).

I am thoroughly enjoying my life, my friends, my kitchen.

J: This is like a mini-orgasm in my mouth.
P: Well don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

–Reactions to that meal (pork chops, creamy orzo, and broccoli and grape tomatoes in a homemade balsamic vinaigrette)


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2 Responses to For your days and excitement

  1. you know you could send me that recipe. 🙂

    was that the leftover balsamic from the other night?

  2. LOL, reminds me of the show My Boys on TBS. Have you seen it?

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