Say what you will about City Stages

Music fans and downtown workers have already tasted what’s in store this weekend. Festival gates and fences have been erected throughout the week in preparation for Birmingham’s annual music festival, and there was an unplugged concert in Linn Park during today’s lunch. We’re right at two hours till the festival officially kicks off, and you can bet there will be plenty said about it over the next several days.

The conversation has already started in the local media, and I expect several folks will keep it going throughout the weekend. I’m including links below for those of you interested in City Stages 20. I’ve got tickets in my purse and a schedule at my side, and I’m ready for a weekend full of music. Say what you will about City Stages–I know I will. If you know me, you can easily deduce where you’ll find my weekend music entries …

Birmingham magazine City Stages blog

Birmingham News/ City Stages coverage

Birmingham Weekly’s City Stages coverage [currently down–will edit link when things are working]

Black & White’s City Stages coverage

The Terminal’s City Stages guide

Wade on Birmingham’s City Stages guide (check out the haikus!)

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