When you play my song, play it slowly

Even though I normally keep my bedroom as dark as possible when I sleep, I’m not sure I’ll be able to close out light tonight. I’m spending tonight and tomorrow night in Nashville. It’s the one city that I could imagine stealing my heart from Birmingham, and right now I’m sitting in the heart of it. My hotel room overlooks the Ryman auditorium, the Tennessee Titans’ stadium, the river and the capitol (???). I’ve got 20 feet of windows stretching out before me, and since I returned to the room tonight I’ve found it difficult to do much but stare through them. (OK, I might have danced around a bit too. No one can see me from up here!) With Over the Rhine serenading me and a good book or four waiting to be read, I’m glad for the chance to slow my pace in a city I love.

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