Back in the neighborhood

I rejoined the 21st century yesterday. After almost a year without home internet, I finally bought a new computer. (Thanks, Economic Stimulus Plan.)

I can’t deny my excitement–after all, it’s been about eight months since I updated my iPod. I’ve spent the morning adding albums to my iTunes, updating my facebook status to reflect the albums I’ve loaded and texting friends to let them know how many albums I’ve added. (It was 33 at last count, but will be 50-plus by the time I finish. I guess I’ve acquired a few new CDs since my last update!) I’m also thrilled to death with how fast my iPod updates now. My old laptop’s USB ports were not high speed–and oh my gosh, it makes a huge difference. It would have taken eight or nine hours to load 4,000 songs on the old machine. It might have taken an hour last night to bring this thing up to date.

(Yes, I realize I essentially bought this machine so I could update my iPod. Shut up.)

But at the same time, there’s a hint of bittersweetness in this new acquisition. Although it was inconvenient at times, it was sort of nice to be disconnected when I left the office. Now I’ll be able to get directions without texting Google, and I’m certain I’ll be more faithful to this here blog. I can’t wait to look up recipes that use buttermilk when I look in my fridge and realize I’m about to let it go to waste. But I know I’ll also work more after hours and occasionally fight sleep by playing on facebook. (I did not miss facebook.)

I know this, though. A home computer isn’t as essential as we think. I’m hoping (perhaps naively) that mine will still spend a good portion of its time turned off and stowed away.

But that won’t happen until after I finish updating my iPod, for sure.


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3 Responses to Back in the neighborhood

  1. megan

    Wow, four years after your initial need for a new computer with a battery life/one that worked at all, you have one! Yay, President Bush!

  2. Missy Marie

    I’m excited that you have internet at home though I was a little jealous of your ability to just disconnect before.

    I’m looking forward to you blogging at a higher pace now. πŸ™‚

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