Thank God for this new laughter

Community has been a buzz word of sorts lately in my… well, in my community. And there’s a lot I could (and likely will) add to that conversation. But one of the many things that has me reveling in community lately is the unlikely ways I’ve found people who care about me.

Sunday was gorgeous, and a friend and I planned to go walking in her neighborhood before church. One of my coworkers lives two streets away, so I sent her a text message, inviting her to join us.

I listened to her voice mail half an hour later. She would be spending the day working on her yard with her husband, but she encouraged me to stop by and say hello. “I would love to see you!” she said.

I popped in for half an hour before my walk, and I told her how hard her message made me laugh. I just saw her Friday and would see her again the next day. We spend nearly 40 hours a week sitting right next door to each other. But, I thought, I would love to see her too!

When I tell people how well my coworkers and I get along, I often think they must suspect I’m just being diplomatic. The truth is, I am constantly amazed by the dynamic in our office. I don’t think it’s something we could have ever planned.

These women know what’s happening in my life outside the office. (Sometimes they even join me in it.) I’ve sat in one coworker’s office near tears after receiving some confusing news. I’ve been asked to pray for their families and friends through illnesses and relationship struggles. They regularly ask what’s new in my world, and care about the answers. We love to discuss what’s happening in national politics.

I sometimes worry that I’m too me–that I ought to keep my mouth shut, my head down, moving on through life. But I am so fortunate that the people around whom I spend most of my time not only accept but embrace me in all of my exuberant, quirky me-ness.


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3 Responses to Thank God for this new laughter

  1. elisa

    community has been surprising me too. In a good, beautiful, refreshing way. i am seeing and living it in a whole new way.

  2. Missy Marie

    If it makes you feel better I also like your co-workers. They’re sweet and funny and I’ve only met them through your stories. 🙂

  3. this makes me miss my old job.

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