Too sweet to be sour, too nice to be mean

My week, so far, in random pictures, especially for Sara Beth:
Sunday supper

Sunday night supper: Salsa (homemade–my first, and it was a hit), creme fraiche mashed potatoes in the oven, shortbread cookies in progress, grits on the stove. For some reason, on Sunday and Monday nights this week I decided I needed to cook three things at a time. But planning ahead’s not such a bad thing.

Lemon display

Monday night creation: Lately I find myself cooking with creme fraiche and lemons as often as possible, so I finally bought a full bag of lemons instead of two or three at a time. It seemed far too depressing to stick them in a refrigerator drawer, but I was out of big bowls–so I turned instead to this crystal vase. I like.

(I may have gotten carried away with lemons in my dinner, though. I had a lemon-thyme pork chop with linguine–made with creme fraiche and lemons, and I made fresh lemonade to drink. That’s the beauty of cooking just for myself!)

Milk with SBMilk with Jamie

Tuesday evening: I was in a weird, stressed-out mood, so instead of working late (as I probably should have) I went to a friend’s apartment. Conversation can always be a little amusing when Jamie, Sara Beth and I get together–but this time, it resulted into hugs and, well, hugging milk glasses. We may not be cool, but we are not a boring people.

Dagny dog

Tuesday night: My bed buddy. I dog sat for a friend’s German shepherd last night. I stayed up far too late writing, so I couldn’t bring myself to protest when Dagny crawled into bed with me. (I did protest when she wanted to go for a walk at 5 a.m. We almost made it until 6:30.) Just for perspective: Dag weighs about 20 pounds less than me. Not a small dog.

The end.

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  1. Susan

    Hahahaha. I still don’t understand why she wakes you up so much earlier than she wakes me up. Hehe.

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