Who do you think you are?

At a dinner party last weekend, a friend proposed a round of two truths and a lie. I immediately flashed back to college—but as he pointed out, some people at the gathering didn’t know each other so well. An icebreaker would be appropriate.

OK, good point.

My only struggle was coming up with a lie to suitably match my truths! And so now I present my own variation on the game: 15 truths and no lies.


  1. I was named after a race car driver.
  2. I have a scar from a container of deodarant.
  3. I once performed in an NFL halftime show with the Village People.
  4. I met Peter Gallagher at a Starbucks.
  5. I was an extra in a movie starring Keri Russell.
  6. Candace Bushnell, creator of Sex and the City, has discussed my love life (or lack thereof).
  7. I’ve eaten barbecue with Derek Webb (or, well, he dipped bread in barbecue sauce and we ate ribs).
  8. I almost died when I was 2.
  9. I’ve interviewed a former Miss America, Daniel Wallace (author of Big Fish and other fabulous novels) and a member of Sister Hazel.
  10. On the day I moved to college, my family owned something like 29 cats.
  11. I’ve been to Walt Disney World 40-plus times (but I’ve never visited Busch Gardens).
  12. I lived in Florida for 15 years, but with the exception of two nights in Ft. Myers, I’ve never been to South Florida.
  13. I made my local radio debut when I was about 4, and was on another program when I was 17.
  14. I have been on stage during a performance of a touring Broadway musical.
  15. My name appears in three books (although I’m sad to say, it has yet to be printed on the cover of any!).

Here’s hoping I never have to play that game again, now that I’ve spilled my secrets!


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4 Responses to Who do you think you are?

  1. e*

    Several of these could bear further explanation.
    Por ejemple: 2, 3, 4, 6(!), 10…

    Actually, 10 needs no further explanation.
    10 might actually *be* an explanation.

  2. I vote for 3 and 6 being their own blog posts!

    When playing that game with people as interesting as you, my strategy is to guess the most banal thing as the lie.

  3. My comments…
    If I saw Peter Gallagher at a Starbucks, I’d have to call him Sandy Cohen.

    I’ve SEEN Carla J in the movie wiuth Keri Russell. Stunning movie debut. And the movie is utterly engrossing.

    I too would love to hear more about #6.

  4. Megan

    What books have you been mentioned in (besides “Here’s to Hindsight”)? And what movie with Keri Russell? And I agree about #6. :o)

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