With every lesson learned a line upon your beautiful face

A summary of people I observed at last night’s Indigo Girls concert:

  • A preppy-looking girl in the rear balcony who swayed wildly in time with the music and blew rapid-fire air kisses the first time Amy Ray turned her direction.
  • A man who danced and swayed to a song no one else was moving to (not even the air kiss girl)—until he persuaded the two women he was with to join him.
  • A front row trio who danced wildly whenever one of their favorite songs was played
  • Band members struggling not to giggle at the exuberant flailing in the front row.
  • A singer seeking out one of those dancing fans, then giving her guitar pick over.
  • An opening act who stood in the wings, singing along with every word, whenever she wasn’t on stage with a band she clearly idolizes.
  • A young couple on my row that clearly came just for the opening act.
  • 60+-year-old men beaming at said opener’s performance.
  • A 60+-year-old woman clearly loving the concert, and her smile expressing that… behind the blinking red clown nose on her face.
  • A middle-aged woman in her Talbots-type clothes throwing the rock symbol during the encore. (Jamie said, “Whatever, one day you’ll be the woman who shops at Talbots.” I don’t think they carry my size, I said. Sometimes I’m a little obnoxious. “Fine—you’ll be the middle-aged woman in Ann Taylor, throwing rock at a Ryan Adams show.” That sounds about right.)

Music is for everyone, and I think that’s a beautiful thing

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  1. What diverse people watching. Love all your snippets. The Indigo Girls bring back such college memories for me. Saw many a concert of theirs back then.

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