Let’s move across the ocean and pitch the tent stakes wide

It’s not yet warm enough to share a beer with friends on someone’s back porch, but that’s one of many moments I crave as spring begins to creep in. I can find several hours warm enough to leave my back door open, allowing my cat to lounge in sunshine or shade as she desires. This weekend was perfect for walking, first around the botanical gardens and then at an outdoor mall. It’s been just pleasant enough for me to threaten to wear only skirts and dresses for the rest of my life, and to justify the purchase of a new summer dress. (I’ve already said several times, I may wear it every day this summer!) I may have to start taking lunch at the park, in the gardens or maybe at the courtyard of the church next door to my office. I simply can’t stand the fluorescent lights of the break room or the food court for long!


And if nights are still too cool for a backyard party? At least I can simulate the experience, with heaters and canvas walls, on the covered back deck of the J Clyde.

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  1. elisa

    The creeping in of Spring is my favorite time of year, second only to the start of fall. Beer on the porch is what makes life good, really good. Sundresses were made for days at farmers markets and nights on porches and swings. and bicycle rides through town.

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