Lie to me. I promise, I’ll believe.

In the fall I began making a list of lies I believe—things that keep me from accepting grace, mercy, truth. It was really freeing, and probably something I should continue doing as I recognize these things. Somehow, acknowledging a false belief and calling myself out on it seems to be a significant step toward healing.


But today I’m voluntarily telling myself another lie, a white lie if you will. It’s gray outside and the temperature is supposed to drop as the day goes on. The calendar insists that we’re still in February (and the early part, at that). But in my mind? It’s spring, and nothing you can tell me is going to change that. I’m ready for blue skies, mild days, daffodils and tulips, renewal. And if wearing my summer perfume in February is a little weird, well, you’ll get over it. Today I choose to be fiercely optimistic.


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4 Responses to Lie to me. I promise, I’ll believe.

  1. Susan

    Yep. You HAVE been listening to “Born” on repeat. hahaha.

  2. weird, i was just thinking today how i want it to go back to being cold.

  3. Ha! I’ve been doing the same thing, pretending it’s spring. Then again, all the back and forth weather and sweaty days have helped to really feel like spring here in Florida. I’m tempted to break out white pants to make it get here faster!

  4. inkstainedlife

    I am tempted to break out the white pants, and white skirts, and white dresses too! But I think that would be frowned upon… At least Easter is early this year. I can make it that long.

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