Daughters will love like you do

So this morning, a coworker walked into my office and announced that her daughter had written up a sheet of tips for life. “Share these with the people at your work,” she was instructed.

I think this child is the most precious thing on two feet, and the paper (decorated with hearts and an elaborate smiley face) is now hanging on my wall. Here, with all original spelling, are tips for life from an 8 year old.

Children tips:

Love them with care.

Play with them.

Treat then nice.

Boy tipe:

If you hear he’s dadting just forget It and be Happy.

If he’s not dadting just don’t care and then he might like you.

Parent’s tips:

Love your parent’s like they love you.

Treat them nice.

Pet care tips:

If you Have a bog walk it sometime.

Love your pet’s.

Gril tips:

When a gril go’s on a dade put makeup on and look nice. have Fun with him. Just de nice to hem he we be nice to you too.

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  1. i definitely need to walk my old furry bog.

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