Bright lights, big city

Three good things about City Stages:
1. Most downtown offices closed early today because of the mayhem surrounding their buildings.
2. I got a weekend pass for free.
3. My parking garage is NOT on one of the closed streets.

So it’s the opening night of the city’s biggest music festival, but I’m heading off to a coffee shop to watch some friends of a friend of a friend play music. I might put in an appearance at City Stages later. And just in case, I am so prepared.

I have my map and schedule both reprinted from the newspaper PDFs so I can neatly fold them in my purse… I’ve marked both the stages I care about, my work building and my parking garage… and the schedule is highlighted with horizontal marks on the bands I know I want to see and vertical on those I might want to see.

Let’s rock and roll. (Or, um, bluegrass and… roll.)

ETA: Did you know the digital sign downtown was spelling Ludacris as Ludicrous, at least all day yesterday?

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  1. Katie

    Wait…. LUDACRIS is going to be a City Stages!?!?!? Why didn’t anybody tell me!?!?!?!? 🙂 No, seriously. I love him.

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