Standing on a darkened stage

Reasons why I’m not blogging much lately:
1. Unwanted company
2. Honestly, I’d rather sit with you and pour my heart out than do it on the Internet. And so I have been.
3. A lot of what I’ve wanted to say has been really passive-aggressive and directed toward specific people. I’m trying to avoid that.
4. I’m trying to take the time to sort out my thoughts on my own. Or at the very least, without an audience.
5. I’ve been a little bit busy (living out numbers two through four, actually).
6. I’m in a cynical mood here lately, and I don’t know that it would do me much good to walk through it online.

I’ll be back, I’m sure. Maybe sooner than later.


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3 Responses to Standing on a darkened stage

  1. if I were smart, I would follow your example.

    but alas, I am not very smart.

  2. scott

    i went to see john mayer last night and his opener was a ryan adams ripoff; right down to the flannel shirt, messy hair, and the harmonica around his neck. he was no ryan adams.

  3. And what about those of us who don’t get to benefit from number 2?

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