On a pillow of blue bonnets and a blanket made of stars

Take me out on a Friday night. I’ll give my hair an extra 30 seconds of attention and wear a little more eye make-up. We’ll sparkle, shine and socialize.

Then we’ll spend Saturday on the couch, you in a ball cap and me in a ponytail, screaming at the TV. We’ll eat pizza and drink beer, and at the day’s end rattle off the day’s results and their significance.

I’m your typical girl-next-door, that’s all. I’m not the most driven, but I am the most loyal. I have faith but must stand on grace to survive.

I need my down time. I have to be alone, even if only to scribble non-sensical words. (It’s a life line.) I need girls’ nights out – or in – with discussion of our new outfits or new boys mingled with the things that really matter.

I am just me – nothing more or less, although I may try.

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  1. scott

    you know, i was thinking the other day, when our teams have played since 2003, mine are 7-1….your’s are 1-7. is that why we don’t talk much anymore?


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