They’re gonna wash away

I’m not sure that I can afford to go home for Christmas.

I am so stressed. Save for student loans, I have never been in debt until the last year. But then one thing came after another and it snowballed. It’s not even that much – I owe less than $1,000. But I just have not been able to claw my way out of this mess.

Adding a $300 plane ticket (or $150 in gas) for a trip home wouldn’t help.

I suck at life.


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5 Responses to They’re gonna wash away

  1. alisa

    you dont suck at life, life sucks, big differance.

  2. Alisa is correct. And, :hug:.

  3. being low on cash is ultra-stressful.


  4. According to this, the average American household credit card debt is $8400.

    If you do need help, I suggest looking here.

  5. Lance

    Rob a bank, yo! That’s how I get all my scratch. How else could I afford a PlayStation 3?

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