I miss those days, they won’t be coming back again

I’ve had a busier-than-usual social schedule here lately. (I’ve actually started joking that I need fewer friends!) But in the midst of the parties, football games and meals out, you know what I would really rather be doing?

Playing a board game.

A friend asked last year what I wanted to do for my 24th birthday, and that was my response. She laughed and said that was lame. I ended up spending that birthday watching TV alone on my couch.

Maybe it is lame. But playing those games is one of my favorite memories from college. It seems like life was simpler then. We’d gather around my dining room table, consuming way too much coffee and popcorn, and play Clue, or a card game, but almost always Clue. (I love Clue.)

Those nights weren’t really about playing the game, although everyone knows I love figuring out who dunnit. I think it was more about friendship, and enjoying each other while listening to good music, and living in a circle of friends.


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5 Responses to I miss those days, they won’t be coming back again

  1. I hate board games.

    but I love sitting with people in a home and just being. that’s my favorite way to spend time. way better than going out and doing crazy things and spending crazy amounts of money.

    if you need less friends, you are very popular.

  2. Board games are a good time. I like Clue but my favorite is Taboo. I think it’s my favorite only because I’m really good at it, haha. When I come to visit you, I’ll play Clue with you. :o)

  3. Lance

    I’m a big fan of Twister and hoes.

  4. Ummmm, can we please? I’m to the point of wanting to drop out of school and go hike the canyon for the rest of my life. Any interest in that? (stomp, stomp, stomp)

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