There is a God who knows every tear you cry

Because I know we’re all remembering today, anyway …

If you’re into history, or news, or just remembering how things were documented … this is both fascinating and disconcerting.

Front pages from Sept. 12, 2001


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3 Responses to There is a God who knows every tear you cry

  1. My favorite was the cover of the San Francisco Examiner. 😆

  2. More facinating was the original archive footage available from CNN, MSNBC and Fox News (ugh) online, most in real time.

    I saw the second plane hit live, and looking back at this footage was both wrenching and humbling. The power of the Internet indeed.

  3. What’s with The Arizona Republic there? Do they have an afternoon run [which would explain why this wouldn’t be big-headline news for them on 12 Sep so much, as an afternoon distro on 11 Sep on Pacific Daylight Time (as they don’t observe DST in AZ) would give them time to do their run that day]?

    Could I put any more parentheticals in the above?

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