I’ve been bumming around this old town for way too long

When I moved to Cullman, Ala., I promised myself I would enlist a boyfriend and a U-haul the next time I moved.

I’ve moved twice in the 10 months since I set up house in Cullman. I rented a U-haul for the first move, but I didn’t have a truck or a man for my most recent trip.

And although this move was perhaps even less expected than the last, I feel like things are working out pretty well.

See, about a week ago my grandmother (who I lived with) asked me to move out in two weeks’ time. I don’t have any real explanation, other than that she felt I’d lived there long enough. (I guess that’s real enough.) But I work part-time, and I don’t have money saved up, so moving looked to be a challenge.

Call me the queen of the moochers (I don’t mean to be!), but now I’m living with my paternal grandparents. We’re just your typical atypical American family, I suppose: our household is now two grandparents who have already raised four children of their own, my 16-year-old cousin and me – the 25-year-old with a master’s degree and that part-time job. Oh, and two cats.

I’m excited, though. I enjoyed living with my maternal grandmother, and I think that time really helped me appreciate many of her idiosyncracies. Now I get to know my paternal grandparents and my one and only cousin a little better.

And I get to sleep in the basement, which my claustophobic mother thinks is nerve wracking, but which I LOVE. 🙂 Cousin Katie and I are just wondering how long it is until our grandparents’ friends mistake us for sisters, not cousins.
Cousin Katiemeeeeee

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  1. TWO cats, when did Emma get a friend?

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