Nothing tastes as sweet as what I can’t have

The only bad thing about a good weekend is that it makes me miss Tuscaloosa.

Maybe that’s silly, since Friday night I hung out with people that I mostly know from Tallahassee, and we were in Birmingham. (But three of them live in Tuscaloosa, and until next week, one of them lives pretty close to T-town.)

Both Friday and Saturday were spent with friends, though, and that’s something I miss out on with all the moving around I’ve done lately. The two hours I spend commuting each day limit the time I have for socializing, and though it’s worth it to be back in Birmingham, it still takes its toll.

I guess I’m missing something that doesn’t exactly exist anymore — having most of my friends in one city, a roommate to go home to at night and random dog walks. I’ll never have most of my friends in one place ever, ever again (except maybe if/when I get married), and the former roommate I spent yesterday with is getting married in several months. (And well, I don’t have a dog, but I’m really good at borrowing them.)

It’s kind of silly for a good weekend to leave me sort of melancholy (nostalgic, really). But at least I’ll have plenty of thoughts to keep me busy on my drive to Georgia this afternoon.

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  1. scott

    you’ll eventually make more friends in the city you’re at, so you won’t be lamenting so much. sad but true.

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