I’m wide awake, it’s morning

OK first off, there’s this adorable little redheaded girl at the next table over, and she is totally making me want to have children. I want redheaded babies, did I ever mention that? Or well, not necessarily babies, plural, but I’d like one.

That’s probably why I agreed to go out with that crazy redhead that one time, but well, crazy isn’t going to keep me around. After all, I’ve got redheads in my gene pool already.

But enough about the children that I’m not yet ready to have.

I’m soaking in the small town atmosphere in this random city I’ve found. My accent is thickening and I’ve been recognized several times. (Yes. Recognized. They ran our pictures with a short article about staffing changes the first Sunday I was here.) I’ve had senior citizens imply that they want to set me up (with who, I have no idea) and I’ve found every place with wireless internet access (I think).

And so far, I like it.

The novelty will wear off, I’m sure, and there will be days where I’m frustrated with the lack of anything to DO in this town. (Why do you think I’m sitting on the internet on a Friday night?) I’m already frustrated with the lack of furniture options. 🙂 (I’m sitting on the internet because I got tired of sitting on my living room floor.)

But it’s fun. It’s different, and it’s an opportunity — all the things I said it would be before I took the job. I’m still working with the future in mind, though I haven’t written anything that I’m too, too excited about just yet. But then, my first three assignments in Tuscaloosa were about a brick and mortar workshop, a college page story and an eight inch story about Stillman’s graduation. I feel comfortable with this start.

I could stand to find some friends, though.


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10 Responses to I’m wide awake, it’s morning

  1. Any pictures yet of the lime green kitchen/patio table set?

  2. TLC

    If you find a bowling alley that happens to be run by a lawyer, PLEASE start dating him. That would be awesome.

    “Ed” keeps hope alive for every cute girl who has ever moved to a quirky small town.

  3. Lord yes it’s thicker. Every time I heard you drawl something fierce last weekend, I’d look over in disbelief.

  4. Carla Jean

    Isn’t it great/scary?!?! It takes at least half an hour after work each night to get back to my REAL accent.

    …mmmmm…. Ed….

  5. I hate to tell you, dear, but it was noticeably thick most all weekend. Well, at least any time you were around me. [And hey, we all know that my accent isn’t thick!]

  6. hey, just watch out for guys like ‘ed’. they end up having a dream girl, and no matter if you’re better than said dream girl, it’ll all come back to the dream girl.

    look for a ‘mike’ who’s single.

  7. luke

    ok, i took that first sentence completely the wrong way on the first read.

  8. i wouldn’t worry too much about having the redheaded kids. they do make hair color. just start them early, and when they get old enough say its their own ‘special’ shampoo.

  9. CJ


    Although Ed’s adorable. But Mike is WAY more my type. He and Chandler Bing are probably my biggest fictional tv character crushes.

    But obviously Chandler is a mile ahead of Mike.

  10. Being around you for 3 days made MY accent thick! LOL.

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